Ledger Stax

Digital wallet. Crypto and NFT

There is a new way to store digital money and digital art. Ledger Stax makes more accessible crypto and NFTs. Moreover, it is safe and intuitive. The key person in this project is Tony Fadell, someone I have followed for a long time and admire.

I want to clarify that no one has hired me to do anything. I do this only because I like the product and the people involved and want to help.

Problem and solution

The devices in this category are difficult to use. They seem only for experts. Ledger Stax makes everything much more accessible. It broadens the target group.


Everything related to crypto and NTFs is still complicated and has a learning curve. Despite that, Ledger Stax is a big step toward making it easier for a bigger audience. I define the target group as the people interested in technology in general. It would be the perfect device for someone new to the digital currency world with little experience. Still, the core group will be the crypto user. That creates a skew towards males, relatively young, from urban areas, and with a good education.

That is why the ads I show here try to explain things to the general tech people and not only the crypto specialist.

All I show here are rough sketches only to explain the concept. The next step would be to take professional photos.

Ledger Stax Ad 1

Main benefits

Money + Art + Security + Accessibility

Reason why

The device makes it easy to safely access any digital money (crypto) and any digital art (NFT). It is at hand because it is small, the size of a credit card, and with a big touch screen, at the same time.

The graphic explains fast the different uses. The hand also helps to have a reference to see the device's size.

The title explains the use for a broad audience. However, the subtitle is more precise and goes to the core target group.

Ledger Stax Ad 2

Main benefits

Self-custody with a big touchscreen.

Reason why

In this second option, we address a more specialized audience than the first ad. There is an adage in the crypto world that says, "Not your keys, not your coins" It is a way to say that everybody should have custody of their assets and not rely on third-party actors. Most of the people in the sector know and value the concept. The rest still can understand the ad.

Here I emphasize the differential element respective to the other hard wallets: the big touch screen. As it is mainly for a more specialized audience, I do not explain so much the benefits of the hard wallets in general but the competitive advantage of Ledger Stax.